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Top 5 Tips To Help Sell Your House

If your home has a feature that will impress then make it sparkle. You want buyers thinking “WOW”. Below are our top 5 most important things to remember when selling your property.

  1. First Impressions – Buyers will usually see the front and entry of your home first.  So make sure gardens are tidy, lawns are trimmed and the entry of your home is presentable. Remove any shoes, mail or other items that may be at your front door. When buyers enter ensure that their attention is drawn to a positive feature of your home.
  2. Fresh and Airy Atmosphere – People will always remember unusual, horrible or extremely unpleasant smells. So make sure they remember your home for the right reasons. Fresh flowers, deodorisers, brewed coffee or a batch of muffins are all easy ways to ensure that the smelling memory of your home is a pleasant one. Also remember to have bathroom, toilet or laundry windows slightly open to allow the fresh air inside.
  3. Light and Bright – It is always important to have the warmth of the sunlight visible in your home. Ensure open houses or private inspections are performed when your home is at its best. If the sunlight beams in and warms the place up between certain hours of the day then this is the best time for an inspection. If there is little or no sunlight to brighten your home then make sure every light is on in the house. No one wants to look at a cold and dark house.
  4. Clutter Free and Spacious – You are selling your home so you need to be prepared to remove as many of your personal items as possible. Potential purchasers want to picture themselves living in your home, so be minimalistic. Allow their minds to picture their own items on the walls or placed in certain parts of the house. Even removing large pieces of furniture that may make your home seem small and cluttered. Remember you need to pack up anyway!
  5. Maintenance, Repairs, Sparkling Clean and Pets – This really is critical, small things such as leaking taps, loose door knobs, squeaking doors, cracked windows, chipped or loose tiles, flaky paint, mould on walls, cob webs, messy front or back yards may not seem like a big deal but they can all lead to “No Deal” for you. Not only can these problems lead to the loss of a sale but they could also cost you in the eventual sale price of your property.  Most people like pets, but make sure they are out of the way and clean up any of their mess for inspections. Also a barking dog can stop a buyer from concentrating on the inspection. 

Follow these simply rules and your property will be well on the way to being market ready. Well-presented properties almost always achieve better results than comparable properties that are of lower presentation levels.